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Lesotho's Cultural Capital

Welcome to Morija, known as Selibeng sa Thuto, ''The Wellspring of Learning''. Located 45km south of Lesotho’s capital of Maseru, Morija is rich in history, living culture and the arts. It lies at the heart of the Makhoarane Cultural Precinct, a district which includes a number of historic Royal Villages, surrounded by Makhoarane Mountain and a natural wonderland waiting to be explored.  ​ Established in 1833 by Royal Decree of King Moshoeshoe the Great, it was here at Morija that missionaries from France first began a fruitful partnership with Basotho. The result was a creative outpouring, which has produced cultural icons of the stature of Thomas Mofolo, the writer, and composer JP Mohapeloa, whose path-breaking works have inspired Africans across the continent and beyond. Wellspring of Learning is also regarded as Lesotho’s own town of the arts. Home to the nationally- acclaimed Morija Arts & Cultural Festival (1999-2013), this historic town is a melting pot of cultural, creative and artistic expression. As home to a number of on-going cultural projects, as well as a few notable artists, historians and researchers, Morija continues to attract broad interest. Attend, for example, the Tiny Gallery Concert, a live music and poetry show hosted by the Morija Arts Centre at the Maeder House Gallery and interact with the contemporary artists of Lesotho. The Maeder House, full of art and crafts for sale, is itself a monument, as it is the oldest standing building in the country. Join the community at The Hub, a digital creativity lab, and learn about its programs to up-skill youth in IT, animation, and film-making. Visit the Museum and discover a treasure trove of historical and contemporary materials to better understand the evolution of the Basotho nation. Head to the mountains to picnic with birds by the lakes and see the famous dinosaur footprints, then hang out in the gorgeous Museum Garden & Amphitheater. ​ As the oldest town of its kind in the country, as well as being intimately linked with the historic royal villages of Lesotho, Morija is famous for its buildings of sites varied architectural styles and monuments. Tour some of the oldest standing buildings in the country. Visit some of the most illustrious cultural and educational institutions in Lesotho. Finally, participate in the long standing traditions of learning, art & literature which have been kept alive in Morija since the early 19th century. 


Basotho Ponies in Morija

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A Natural Wonderland

Surrounded by the majestic Makhoarane Mountain which stretches through the entire district of historic royal villages, Morija is teeming with trees, birds, small mammals and fish. This is the ideal place to camp in the woods, as the lower plateau of the Makhoarane Mountain is forested with evergreen pines, and several lakes which are home to a number of birds, fish and small fauna. Hike, pony trek or take an off-road bike and discover the beauties of nature as well as the hospitality of local communities.